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Color Your World with Natural Church Development by Christian A. Schwarz

This book builds on the work of NCD in 55,000 churches in over 70 countries on six continents. It explores the second generation of NCD, The Trinitarian Compass, as well as the founding principles of the Eight Quality Characteristics, The Minimum Factor, All By Itself Growth, and the tools beyond the survey. Also included is the NCD Color Profile which can be used as a personal assessment tool. The NCD Cycle has been updated in the 2006 edition. Price: $27.25

The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality by Christian Schwarz

This book is about the Quality Characteristic Passionate Spirituality and reveals 9 natural spiritual styles evenly distributed across people in all settings, even across all denominations and in all churches. Provides a Spiritual Style Test so the reader can find their most natural way to connect with God. It provides practical ways to mature spiritually, and to help others grow in their connectedness to God. Price: $21.00

The 3 Colors of Love by Christian A. Schwarz

This book is the second in the Natural Church Development Discipleship Series covering the eight Quality Characteristics. Shwarz covers the art of giving and receiving justice, truth and grace and how to experience love in all three dimensions. True to the Trinitarian approach and survey based tools, this book includes a survey to help you assess where you personal starting point is.  Price: $15.75

The 3 Colors of Ministry by Christian A. Schwarz

The 3 Colors of Ministry presents a trinitarian approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts. Focusing on Gift-oriented Ministry, it is the first in the Natural Church Development Discipleship Series, which will ultimately address each of the eight essential qualities of healthy churches as revealed in the international NCD research. An included questionnaire helps assess your gifts, from your own perspective and from that of two others. Price: $15.75

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