David’s Bio

David McCann has been working with people to help them bring out their best for most all of his adult life. Following 10 years of teaching in the Public School system in Quebec, David was trained and became a Salvation Army Officer where he served in a varied assortment of roles for 28 years before taking an early retirement. During his years of service David has been a pastor, church planter, denomination executive, editor, director of Pastoral training, and Regional Director of Church programs for the Salvation Army.

In 1998 he began actively coaching Salvation Army leaders. In 2005, as an assignment for the Executive Leadership course given by Simon Fraser University, David and a co-worker from the neighbouring Salvation Army district developed a course for training coaches and establishing coaching networks.

Currently David continues his teaching and preaching ministry as an associate minister of Destiny Christian Church, and is Pastor at Kahnawake Pentecostal Church. As CEO and Founder of David McCann Coaching, he works as a coach / consultant for Business and Church Leaders. All services and ministry are available in both English and French.